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Polyphenol Super Blend
For Weight Management

Activate your health with Alpha Phen's super blend of polyphenols and phytonutrients that isolate the root cause of fat absorption.1


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Inside every Alpha Phen®
capsule you'll find: 

12 natural ingredients rich in polyphenols and phytonutrients.5
Psyllium Husk
(Plantago Ovata)
Grains of Paradise
Seed Extract
Citrus Fruit
White Kidney Bean
(Phaseolus Vulgaris)
Coleus Forskolin
(Plectranthus Barbatus)
(Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
Panax Ginseng Root
Brindle Berry
(Garcinia Gummi-gutta)
Green Coffee
Bean Extract
Green Tea Extract
(Camellia Sinensis)
Black Pepper Extract

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AlphaPhen® Activated Weight Loss

Alpha Phen® is a super blend of Polyphenols and Phytonutrients that isolate the root cause of fat absorption. It's unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Alpha Phen® is the only supplement in the world with a unique blend of polyphenolic ingredients that stimulate thermogenesis, elevate lipolysis and prevent fatty acid oxidation.5

Recent scientific research indicate that polyphenol metabolites found in Alpha Phen help reduce fat accumulation.2

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  • Third Party Tested*

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  • GMP Certified

  • 100% Natural*

  • No Artificial Stimulants

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It's Not How Much You Eat
It's What You Eat

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Video description: Bioactive polyphenols naturally inhibit and reduce the absorption of carbs and fats.

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