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==> A group of nutritionists recently uncovered a HUGE breakthrough...

It's in the foliage. 
They found a polyphenol metabolite in specific plants and fruits which help dissolve belly fat.
This is incredible news for those looking to lose weight!

What's even better is that they simultaneously absorb water... which makes the fiber bulkier and you less hungry. What does this mean?

These multi-purposecompounds have been shown to increase fat loss and decrease digestibility FAST.

To your health,


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Email #2

Subject: Fact Checked - The Cause of America's Weight Gain

Alt Subject: Fact Checked - The secret to weight loss revealed

It's NOT what you think! 

==>You may be surprised to learn the true cause of America’s growing waistline...

It turns out that our hunter-gatherer ancestors were very thin and healthy despite eating around 12 pounds of food per day!

The key was that there was lots of polyphenol intake from plants and fruits in their diet.

More than 30% of American diets fall short when it comes to Polyphenol intake and don't understand how it works

Nutritional testing in over 10,000 patients found that the cause of weight gain is linked to this deficiency while most consumers are still being overfed carbs.

This fat-dissolving hack allows you to eat as much as your body desires without gaining any weight.

That's right... instead, you'll lose weight!!

Let me know what you think!

To your health,


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Email #3

Subject: Hey you gotta check this out

Alt Subject: Did you know about this? Check it out

Hey it's me [NAME],

I hope you're doing okay.

Do you ever feel like you're always dieting and working out, but you're not seeing the results you want? 

You're not alone. So many people struggle with weight loss every day.

Nutritionists recently discovered that polyphenol metabolites and fiber significantly aid the process of losing weight. The best part? These organic compounds exist in nature within plants and fruits.

How does it work? The above mentioned non-synthetic elements slow the rate at which food enters your blood stream while increasing the speed at which food exits your body.

==>You might want to learn more about the following substances:

Grains of Paradise
Citrus Bioflavonoids
Psyllium Husk

If you introduce this easy solution into your routine; you'll be blown away by the results! 

With optimism for your health,


PS. Still skeptical? Maybe this will change your mind...


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